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Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket.
Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket.

Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket.

 Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket.

Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket. Who will be the name of the best wicket keeper in the history of ODI cricket? Kumar Sangakara Or Gilchrist or Mark Boucher can come back to Moin Khan, Ian Healy’s name. There is a lot of debate about the best wicket keeper of all time. Different people have different views.

Top ten wicket keepers in the world in ODI Cricket. But let’s take a look at the top ten wicket keepers in the world with the highest dismissal figures:

01. Kumar Sangakara: Everyone knows how artistic he was at bat. But behind the wicket of the gloves he also Was amazing He has 482 dismissals,383 catches and 99 Stumping in 360 ODIs.

2. Adam Gilchrist : One of the most devastating openers in one-day cricket history, if his name is called, then something wrong Will not be called. But behind the wicket, both of his hands were like eighteen feet. Fake her hand The ball is rarely running. As a wicket keeper, he holds 472 dismissals, 417 catches and 55 Stumping in 202 ODIs.

3. Mark Boucher : He was so loyal behind the wicket that Sangakara was not like Gilchrist South Africa’s wicket keeping prowess has taken the place. He holds 424 dismissals, 402 catches and 22 Stumping in 294 ODIs.

4. Mohinder Singh Dhoni : He is one of the top ten wicket-keepers in ODI history so far playing international cricket. Lightning has his hands behind the wicket. He holds 400 dismissals, 294 catches and 106 Stumping in 314 ODIs.

5. Moin Khan : He is called the greatest wicket keeper in the history of Pakistan cricket. He was also in bat Enough skilled He holds 207 dismissals, 214 catches and 73 Stumping in 211 ODIs as a wicket keeper.

বিশ্বকাপ ক্রিকেটে ব্যক্তিগত সেরা ইনিংস

6. Brendon McCullum : How frustrating McCullum with the bat is known to all of us. But he is also in the hands of gloves Was amazing At the end of his career, while leaving the responsibility of wicket keeper, he was undoubtedly New Zealand Most successful wicket-keeper in cricket He holds 242 dismissals, 227 catches and 15 Stumping in 185 ODIs.

7. Ian Healy : He was the best wicket-keeper before Gilchrist of Australia Cricket. He holds 233 dismissals, 194 catches and  39 Stumping in 280 ODIs.

বিশ্বকাপ ক্রিকেট সংবাদ

8. Rashid Latif : He was the best wicket-keeper of Pakistan behind the wicket He was quite successful. He holds 220 dismissals, 182 catches and  38 Stumping in 186 ODIs.

9. Ramesh Kalutharana : Another one with Jayasuriya on the back of one-day cricket in the World Cup. The role was that of Ramesh Kalutharana. What a devastating pair of batsmen they had built in the bat. He holds 206 dismissals, 131 catches and 75 Stumping in 185 ODIs.

10. Jeffrey Dujon : He was a proud member of the West Indies. Michael Holding, Andy Roberts has been mimicking the ball of the ball. He holds 204 dismissals, 183 catches and 21 Stumping in 167 ODIs.

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