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The best 10 attributes of the good boss

The best 10 attributes of the good boss

The best 10 attributes of the good boss. Is the boss just to order? The boss may be like a friend, like a guardian. Many people think that the job of the boss to work with a shoe. But in this era of corporate genres, the scope of the task of buses have increased as well, the work strategy has increased. Boss is now the closest friend of the subordinate. The work of the office, apart from this, apart from personal matters Basra. That’s why the boss is more responsible than the organization, the subordinates. Career-related website, Entrepreneur. Com has said that the 10-boss of the good boss.

No: (01) Make the impossible possible : The best 10 attributes of the good boss. The first qualities  off a Boss is make the impossible possible. Boss means leader. And the work of the leaders is to advance and take responsibility and fulfill them. Boss must be visionary. Everybody who says impossible, it will be possible for the boss to make it possible. That’s why he must have a lot of self-confidence and a clear idea about his team. Only then can it be possible to show the impossible possible.

No: (02) The ability to see opportunities : The best 10 attributes of the good boss. The 2nd  qualities  off a Boss is the ability to see opportunities. Desperate bosses do not make mistakes in diamond pieces. They know exactly who can be done with whom. And that’s why a good boss is to evaluate the potential of potential employees. The task of the boss is to make arrangements to create job opportunities and to develop the potential of staff. Because if the staff is good, then Bosses will be good.

No: (03) Not emotional, Good bosses are always professional: They do not drag emotion into work. Do not judge with passion or decide. Good bosses never express their emotions in front of everyone. But after all, they are people. Employees have to appreciate the good work and the worst is to be paid. But they also appreciate the place and the people.

No: (04) Do not be in danger, they are in danger: Where the smell of the danger is, there is never to push the workers to the good Basra. The Boers took responsibility for the risks or risks, and took care of the workers. A good boss will give his staff a job when he or she knows there is no danger of his carrier’s career or personal life. If he is in danger, he will take his responsibility on his own shoulder.

No: (05) Advancing every day: The main quality of the good Boss is consistency. They go a little ahead every day. Every day, trying to do better than the previous day is like a good boss, So, he takes the staff forward. If the good boss is on the front, the workers try their best to give the best job and to advance the team.

No: (06) Do not exercise authority: Just not be able to be a boss if you get a last name. If the workers do not accept the mind as a leader, it is difficult to work on behalf of any boss. So, it is the quality of Bosses that they have never authority. With regard to their employees, they do not behave indifferently. Employees come to the Boss Basis for decision and guidance. That confidence and leadership position have to be made by the Bosses, themselves.

No: (07) Employees take care of: Boss work is one. Improve institution, fulfill its goals. At that time, the office entrusted to them was finished. But the good Basra is a little ahead of it. They came forward for any needs of the workers. A good boss has saved workers from job cuts, wages or family problems. And so, despite the institution change, there is no harm to the relationship of the workers with the good bosses.

No: (08) Not the words big at work: Many people think that it is possible to be good boss with pressure. But the true bosses are not talking about work groups. Their work speaks for them. Good bosses always want to surpass their previous work. And because of that they could easily create teams. The team will have a breakthrough, but good bosses have the power to adjust any situation in their team and to inspire the team.

No: (09) Humor: Boss is not a serious man. Good bosses do not always like to be serious. They laugh at work, tell stories, leave tea with the workers, and bring workers to their cars on the rainy day. These minor matters are huge for the staff. They have done their job properly for such bosses.

No: (10) Acceptance: To become a good boss, have to be accepted. As it is in his office and in his work. And that’s why good sitter does not get into trouble when working for a change in the workplace. They are able to adapt to any situation at any time. That is why they are dependent on the organization rather than the organization. Good bosses create opportunities for new jobs or new organizations because of the acceptability of the new organization.

LGED job Circular Published 14 February 2019

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